Timber Supply

At Groupe Savoie we have always been pioneers in environmental awareness. In line with that commitment, fostering the production of ecological fuels to meet the increasingly higher demand for renewable energy was only natural.

CANAWICK ecological fuels adhere to a policy that focuses on optimal resource utilization by recovering hardwood residues (sawdust) and transforming them into carbon neutral fuels designed to meet and exceed our customers’ heating and ambiance requirements.

Sustainable timber supply relies on the following certification standards:

  • SFI 2010-2014
  • PEFC (chain of custody)


Groupe Savoie Inc. adheres to the highest certification standards.

CANAWICK ecological fuels are made from wood by-products originating in supply sources compliant with SFI and PEFC standards. CANAWICK products are made from 100% biodegradable materials free of additives or chemicals of any kind.

Groupe Savoie Inc. is also a member of various public commissions devoted to advancing the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable forest management.


All CANAWICK ecological fuels are packed in carefully selected recyclable materials. Recycling our plastic bags and wraps is critical to ensure the success of the ecological cycle.

Accordingly, we encourage you to take our CANAWICK bags or wrappings to your local recycling facility in order to minimize landfill dumping.