Our Commitment

Groupe Savoie Inc. is a vertically integrated first, second and third hardwood processing industrial complex. We have our own forestry resources, which we manage and transform independently in our own plants.

The raw materials utilized to make CANAWICK ecological fuels are strictly monitored at every stage of production. This enables us to guarantee the traceability, consistent quality and availability of our raw materials all year long.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process has been conceived to produce hardwood fuels of the highest quality. Our management system ensures compliance with industry standards through a series of stringent controls based on specific criteria.

Quality controls for pellets:

  • Residues, granulometry, durability, density, size, moisture content, ash content, calorific value

Quality controls for bricks, logs, and blocks:

  • Weight, moisture content, durability, size, ash content, calorific value

Groupe Savoie Inc. thus proves its ongoing commitment to the quality of a green, sustainable source of energy.